Lou Bavou is a unique new voice in the world of science books. With a strong education in math, physics and chemistry, he graduated with an honors degree from Birmingham University, UK. After a long career as a consultant engineer to the energy industry running his own small consultancy company with extensive travel and work around North America, Europe, Russia and Asia; learning about the local cultures and history, Lou recently decided to change direction and take-up his writing full-time. During his travels he has rubbed shoulders with oil rig ‘bears’, negotiated with Arabic oil ministers and been tailed by the Iraqi secret service and still found time to write numerous professional reports, papers and guidelines for the energy industry.

Nowadays, when he’s not researching his keen interests in astronomy and astrobiology, he spends time running a small holding. He still travels and has wild camped in the Sahara Desert, ice skated on the highest rink in the world in Kazakhstan, sheltered from major cyclones in China and Sri Lanka – and they say lightening never strikes twice, once nearly drowned in the River Thames and survived his wife’s meatballs, but still lives with her on the outskirts of SW London with their children of all ages